The exterior of the Dog Pound.

The Dog Pound is an area in Apocalypse Weekend.


The Dog Pound is located in Lower Paradise, directly behind Bullfish Interactive, and in the small neighbourhood before The Bridge. After placing the Thermo-nuclear warhead down in Phraud Hogslop's office in Bullfish Interactive, the Postal Dude notices that the wall has been broken down, revealing an alleyway leading to the Dog Pound. He heads there in order to rescue Champ. At first, the Dog Pound is eerily quiet and somewhat abandoned, but upon further inspection, it is revealed to be taken over by Rednecks, who have put all the dogs and cats in Gimp Suits. The Postal Dude arrives to a room and discovers that a redneck has been using a dog to kill captive civilians. As soon as the redneck notices the Dude's presence, he orders Fluffy the cat, also in a gimp suit, to lock the entrance door and unleash more dogs by peeing on the switch.

The rednecks, dogs, and dervish cats attack the Postal Dude throughout his journey in the pound, but he manages to kill them all. Soon, however, the Dude comes to a dead-end in a hallway, unable to find Champ, and finds himself up against a large pack of gimp-suited dogs. Just before they attack him, Champ abruptly jumps down from the skylight and decimates them all. The two reunite themselves and leave the pound, ready to escape town before the warhead explodes.

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