Cult members adopting defensive positions during the siege of the Compound.

"We're not Zealots! Eat lead and die, unbelieving heathen scum! " — A cult member to the ATF.

The Cult is a group of religious zealots followers of Uncle Dave, belonging to the "Church of the Compound". When the Postal Dude arrives on Friday to the compound to give Uncle Dave his Birthday Gift, it is revealed that the whole cult has been sieged by the ATF. The ATF tells the cult not to leave the building, and to douse themselves with something flammable and gather in a confined space. A female zealot replies that they are not Zealots and begins shooting.

The zealots can be considered allies to the Postal Dude, since they will not attack him, even if he is carrying a weapon, unless he attacks them first. When the Postal Dude enters into the compound, the zealots are seen armed and taking defensive positions. When the ATF breaks into the compound, the cult battles the ATF in a violent raid.



The cult members as the appear in the Postal film.

The cult plays a very different role in the Postal film. The cult appears as a group of hot girls similar to the Postal Babes, and are shown to be extremely skilled in combat and the use of weapons. The cult is involved in a plan to steal a shipment with 2000 Krotchy Dolls, which Uncle Dave plans to sell online in $4000 each in order to pay his one-million dollar tax debt. The cult, along with the Postal Dude and Uncle Dave, participates in a gun battle against the terrorists, and they manage to get the shipment. However, when they go back to the compound, the place has been invaded by terrorists. After Uncle Dave's death in the hands of his right-hand man, another cult member named Richard, the cult members go mad and are among the people that attack the Postal Dude and Faith. The two of them, however, manage to kill the cult members and all the townsfolk.


  • Uncle Dave's cult is loosely based on the real Branch Davidians, mostly famous because of the Waco Siege of 1993, which resulted in the deaths of their leader David Koresh, as well as 82 other Branch Davidians and 4 ATF agents.

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