Some cows grazing at the Cow Pasture.

The Cow Pasture is an area for grazing cows located in Paradise, first introduced in Apocalypse Weekend. A government officer witnesses the Postal Dude beating an army of zombies at Greasy Panda, and likes his style. He offers the Dude a position of "mad-cow relocation engineer". The Postal Dude immediately accepts since he was "between careers" at the moment.

At the pasture, the officer gives the Postal Dude a "government approved sledgehammer" to kill the cows in a more "entertaining and effective way". After the Postal Dude kills the first group of cows, the officer appears again and gives him some grenades. Meanwhile, a female vegetarian notices that the Postal Dude is killing the cows and alerts her fellow vegetarians, who are residing or are least headquartered in houses similar to those at Chicken Queen Estates.

The Postal Dude must continue with his mission of slaying cows, as well as confronting groups of vegetarians, until he suddenly arrives to an area of the pasture in which cows are clearly diseased. These cows have missing chunks of flesh and attack the Postal Dude and anyone nearby without any reason. After the Postal Dude has killed the 21 cows, the officer appears again and invites him to another mission, this time involving pigeons.

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