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The Collection Can is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


It is given to the Postal Dude on Wednesday by Mike J and is used to peddle donations for his wedding from the citizens of Paradise. It functions in a similar manner to the petition with the Postal Dude getting more psychotic with repeated requests. Collecting all $3000 without robbing Zack Ward earns you the Hobo Sexual achievement.

Similar to the petition, NPCs can be asked three times to donate, each increasing in aggression. Asking a third time will either result in a NPC donating, running away in fear, or retaliating. Most NPCs will donate on the first or second asks. Some groups, like Bandits, will only donate on the third try. Lawmen, Gingers, and Survivalists will never donate.


  • Internally, NPCs are coded only to donate between $75 and $125.
  • Despite being an achievement for the petition, the Officer McLovin' achievement can be unlocked by asking a Lawman to donate to the collection cup.