Outside view of the public clinic.

The Clinic is Paradise's free clinic located in the Clinic Area. The clinic is accessible since Wednesday, and is useful for the Postal Dude since he can find rooms with many medkits. The clinic plays a role in Postal 2 until Friday, when the Postal Dude urinates and it hurts, so he adds one more errand that is "Go to clinic". When he arrives to the clinic, the nurses tell him he has gonorrhea, and that he has to go and see Vend-A-Cure, a machine that will give him Gonorrhea Medicine after getting some piss samples from the Dude.

As of Postal 2: Paradise Lost the clinic has been replaced by Cock Asian.


  • Several advertisements all over Paradise promoting the Clinic feature a doctor with the legend "Gonorrhea: It's not just for sailors anymore".


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