City Hall

Political rally at City Hall

The City Hall is an area in Postal III.

Missions Edit

Sub widescreen

Unused loading screen for Save Uwe Boll.

Save Uwe Boll's Career Edit

After his first patrol, the Postal Dude is tasked with protecting the greatest filmmaker of all time, Uwe Boll. During one of his many film projects, some angry Nerds have appeared to stop the great and powerful Uwe Boll. It is up to the Postal Dude to protect Uwe Boll from this menace... or just kill Uwe Boll. The game doesn't care.

Sbe widescreen

Unused loading screen from Slave Boy Escort.

Slave Boy Escort Edit

After meeting Uncle Dave at a political rally, the Dude gets tasked with escorting the Mayor's slaveboy safely out of the City Hall before any Paparazzi can get a photo of him.

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