Arid Church 001

Church of the VD Clan.

The Church of the VD Clan is a location in Paradise Lost.

Formerly it was the Church but it was taken over by Vince Desi and the other RWS staff, who turned into their office building and main headquarters. Vince calls himself "Papa" Desi. Inside the Church there are a lot of pictures hung all over the walls depicting fan art of the Postal Dude, Postal Babes and other things related to the Postal series. In the building, there are desks with computers, and there is even a jacuzzi in part with the main altar. At main door there is a large statue of Krotchy urinating in the fountain. RWS employees patrol interior of the church and it's grounds. At the end of the Monday, Postal Dude is saved by Vince when he's ambushed by a group of zombies. He then offers Dude to stay in his Church until the next day. But at the end of the Tuesday the whole Church is overrun by zombies from Cemetery and RWS staff along with Vince become zombies.

Strangely, by Friday, Vince Desi and the rest of the RWS staff seem to have been cured of their zombification.


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