A Chicken Queen Estates signpost with various houses in the background.

Chicken Queen Estates (named Hovels Area in Paradise Lost) is a residential district in Paradise. According to a welcome signpost at the entrance of the district, Chicken Queen Estates are a "higher standard of living". However, there are at least a couple of houses in really bad conditions, such as the Rednecks' house, on the East side of the district, as well as a broken house in the West side, nearby one of the level transitions to the Office Complex.

The houses in Chicken Queen Estates are home to various groups. Rednecks, SWAT team members and RWS staff are seen throughout the week.

One of the houses is used by groups of protestors to store their picket signs. Those seen on Monday belong to the Parents for Decency, those from Tuesday belong to the Book protestors and those from Thursday to the Vegetarians. On Friday, all three groups of protesters are seen reunited in that house. On Wednesday, however, no picket signs are seen in that house, since no actual protests take place in that day. Instead there is a BBQ in the street attended by many of the residents of Chicken Queen Estates.

On Thursday, Terrorists arrive to the house located between the Rednecks' house and a RWS staff member's, placing combustible barrels in their house.

Notable LocationsEdit


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