Chemical factory 0

Exterior of the factory

Panther Pilsner Chemical Co. (known simply as the Chemical Factory) is a rehashed area in Paradise Lost. It's replacing the Brewery.

On Thursday, the Postal Dude is tasked with getting Chemicals for the Cole-Men which are needed to shrink El Pero Loco down to normal size. While one may simply buy the chemicals after a lengthy wait, the aggressive option has the Postal Dude getting the chemicals himself by traveling through the factory. The level design is exactly the same as the Brewery from the base game except backwards.

Trivia Edit

  • When one chooses the aggressive option, Alternate Postal Dude makes an offhanded comment on how "familiar" this level is.
  • The building itself was the Brewery in the base game though unlike the other levels, it seems to have not been altered as the Rednecks still own it.

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