View of the cemetery.

The Cemetery is a place where dead bodies are buried, located behind the Church. It's first accessible on Wednesday, when the Postal Dude decides to go and piss on his father's tombstone. The tombstones in the cemetery have several joke names such as "Rape Clowns" or "Teen Sniper". These joke names are on said tombstones because they represent content that was cut from the final game. A tombstone also jokingly reads "Postal Storyline", poking fun at the dramatic change of tone from the original Postal. There is also a small chapel within the cemetery.

The area nearby the level transition that connects to the Trainyard Area has apparently become a wasteland, since there is broken furniture all over the ground. Also, there is construction in front of a toxic pond surrounded by barrels, with a sign warning people not to breathe. This construction is inhabited by Rednecks, who are also present in other areas of the cemetery.

When the Postal Dude arrives to piss on his father's tombstone, a group of rednecks arrive and knock him out, before taking him to their Brewery. On Thursday or Friday, the Terrorists have now invaded the cemetery, and are digging coffins out of the ground.

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