The interior of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is a setting in the third party mod Eternal Damnation. The place is administrated by Father Winston, and is located in the city of Hasselridge.

Though it is the last playable level in the game, the cathedral is visited by John Murray earlier in the game in a cut scene showing a conversation between John and Father Winston, in which Winston thanks John for making his girlfriend Lorie Heath go to mass after a long time. John explains he had nothing to do with that.

After John learns from his father Mr. Murray that Winston apparently raped Lorie years ago, he decided to go to the cathedral and confront the priest himself. When John arrives to the cathedral, he shoots Winston, fatally wounding him. In his final moments, Winston explains that he never raped Lorie, but was exorcising her. The Police found him atop of her and arrested him, but they were never able to find him guilty. However, since the police interrupted the exorcism, Lorie remained possessed. Winston dies and the demon that possessed Lorie appears and mocks John, and then calls 30 zombies to confront him.

After defeating the 30 zombies, John is confronted by the demon that possessed Lorie, who is carrying a katana. Though John manages to defeat the demon, Lorie remains possessed, and sends 8 white demons armed with chainsaws to fight John. After destroying them, Lorie reveals that she has kidnapped Mr. Murray, and sacrifices his soul to bring her master The Devil to the world. The Devil appears and congratulates Lorie, and the two of them proceed to fight John in the final battle. After John defeats Lorie and the Devil, he says he is sorry for not saving Lorie, but promises her to join her soon, and leaves the cathedral.

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