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Cash is the currency used in the POSTAL series.



A wad of Cash in POSTAL 2

At the start of POSTAL 2, the Postal Dude has $20 at hand, but as the game progresses cash can be found/stolen from houses, shops, ATMs and even the bank. Generally, Cash can be used to purchase helpful items such as Health Pipes or food from vendors and vending machines, but its main purpose is to make the player's task a little easier for a price.

On multiple occasions, a choice is given on whether to pay for an errand item or not. Paying will usually prevent police attention and an overall bloodbath (the prices however are ridiculously high), while not paying will result in the shopkeeper and the police retaliating. In addition, it is possible to bribe cops as try to arrest the Dude.

Corkscrew RuLes[]


As Muhosransk City is somewhere in Mother Russia, Cash is replaced with the Russian currency, Rubles. It functions exactly the same as Cash.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts[]

Cash exists in similar form to its earlier incarnation. Can be used to buy stuff.


  • In POSTAL 2, there is a unique cash pickup in the Church that takes the form of a donation box. Picking it up will cause the priest standing nearby to attack the Dude.