The Carriers attacking the Postal Dude after a package for him killed one of them.

The Carriers are workers of the Parcel Center. They are the fifth of the hate groups to appear, making their first strike on Friday, though several non-hostile carriers are seen since Monday. The Postal Dude receives a note saying there is a package for him, so he goes to the Parcel Center. The desk clerk tells him that there is a package for him indeed and proceeds to charge a fee to the Postal Dude. If the Dude decides to pay, the desk clerk tells another carrier to go a pick up the package, which will immediately explode. If the Dude decides not to pay and break into the Parcel Center, the desk clerk will immediately attack. Both cases will eventually lead to an alarm sounding and two doors trapping the Postal Dude inside the Parcel Center. The Postal Dude must then find his way out of the center confronting a large group of heavily armed carriers. After leaving the Parcel Center, the Postal Dude guesses he is not a "people person" after all.

More carriers appear all over Paradise for the rest of the week, attacking the Postal Dude as soon as he enters their proximity.


  • In Paradise Lost, a corpse of a female carrier can be found in a bathtub in one of the houses at Chicken Queen Estates. Apparently she has been eaten alive by some cats that inhabit this house.


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