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The Bucket is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


On Wednesday, the Postal Dude is tasked with getting a Kosher Breast Pump for Mike J. He heads to Chicken Queen Estates to meet an Old Farmer that happens to have one. A deal is struck and the Postal Dude is to milk the Old Man's herd of cows in his Meadow. Using the bucket, the Postal Dude can collect the needed milk from the mostly peaceful cows.


  • If the player drops the bucket, it will take the form of a Gas Can, and when picked up is the same bucket but the amount of milk collected will disappear, including the counter itself, making it impossible to collect all the milk required. Its third-person model being a Gas Can can also be seen in the cutscene after collecting enough milk.
  • When the Bucket is equipped or holstered, the player's view will be locked in place until the animation is completed.