Inside view of the Brewery.

The Ghetto Liquaa Brewery is a building dedicated to the production of Buttgeiser beer and Ghetto Malt Liquaa. It has been in Paradise since 1964. The brewery is first and only accessible on Wednesday, and is located somewhere between the Clinic Area and the Trainyard Area.

When the Postal Dude goes to the Cemetery to piss on his father's tombstone, a group of Rednecks knock him unconscious and take him to the brewery. The Postal Dude awakens in a box in a room, just in time before a couple of rednecks rape him. The Postal Dude then realizes his clothes have been removed, replaced with a Gimp Suit. All of his weapons and items have been taken away as well. The Postal Dude goes through several engine rooms and storages in the brewery, facing a large group of rednecks and recovering his lost weapons and items. Towards the exit of the brewery, there is a huge staircase with a pond of acid fluid below. When the Postal Dude manages to get out of the brewery, he appears in the Clinic Area.


  • The slogan of the Ghetto Liquaa Brewery is "Drunk as a punk bitch".
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