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The Box Launcher is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


Only available during Enhanced Mode. It fires flat-colored bouncing boxes that kill characters including the Postal Dude on impact and turns their ragdoll into a missile with the same effect. These human missiles will gib characters upon collision. The Box Launcher also comes with an alternative firing mode that lets the user control the launched boxes.

It can be found in the RWS office inside the box hidden behind a stash of computers. The box rests in the corner closest to a first set of double doors leading to a descending staircase. In the base game the lid of the box needs to be shattered with several hits from an Axe, or a Sledgehammer. It appears in the same place in Paradise Lost with the box already open.

The weapon will carry over to Apocalypse Weekend (AW7 mode) if the player picked it up before, in which case it can be reclaimed in the Hospital, stashed away in the restroom next to a small food shop.