The Machete

"Heads up!" — The Postal Dude upon throwing the boomerang machete

The Boomerang Machete is a weapon featured in Apocalypse Weekend, A Week in Paradise and Postal III.


The Boomerang Machete is first introduced in Postal 2's expansion, Apocalypse Weekend. It can first be found on top of a roof in Lower Paradise, but later on, it can be found inside a weapons room at Bullfish Interactive Headquarters and in the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists. In A Week in Paradise, a third-party mod, the Boomerang Machete can be found right at the beginning of the game hanging on the wall of the shed next to Postal Dude's trailer. This was changed in Postal 2 Complete. The weapon's primary attack has a fast attack speed and can sever body parts from victims. The secondary attack throws the machete in the faced direction, ricocheting of walls, hacking and slashing through anyone in its way, and ultimately return to the thrower. Tougher enemies, such as the Bullfish Interactive security staff, will simply block the secondary attack with their weapon (if they are using a two-handed one like a Machine Gun or a Rocket Launcher), making it almost in vain unless their legs are aimed for.

In Enhanced Mode, like the sledgehammer, the machete can be thrown several times in quick succession allowing for the player to create a storm of machetes without losing the one equipped.


  • The weapon gets its name from its secondary attack, in which the Postal Dude throws the machete and it returns to him a few seconds later, in the same way a boomerang works.
  • If an object obstructs the boomerang's return to the thrower, it will be unequipped and must be manually retrieved.
  • If the player were to walk in a small circle the Machete is thrown, the Machete will orbit around the player in indefinitely until the movement is stopped.
  • It's possible to kick the boomerang machete back when it returns to the Postal Dude.
  • People will freak out from "holding" a Machete even if it's already been thrown, but not if it's been thrown and the "weapon" is holstered.
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