The Book protestors are easily identified by their "Save a Tree, Burn a Book" shirts.

"Save a Tree! Burn a Book! " — The Book Protestors

The Book Protestors are a group of individuals protesting against books and literacy in general. They first appear on Tuesday, though several members may be seen on Monday.

When the Postal Dude arrives at the Library to return the overdue book, Catch Her in the Rye, the Book Protestors are seen in the entrance hall shouting their slogan "Save a Tree, Burn a Book" (also seen in their shirts), and waiving protest signs such as "Make the library into an airport so you can get out of here", "Ignorance is bliss", " End literacy", "Knowledge is for commies", "Think before you read" or "ACHTUNG! Hitler wrote a Book".

After the Postal Dude returns the book, the Book Protestors break into the library, causing a major fire and killing several civilians in the act. They begin to attack the Postal Dude until he leaves the burning building. More Book Protestors appear all over Paradise for the rest of the week, attacking the Postal Dude as soon as they see him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the cutscene before the assault on the library takes places, one of the book Protestors says he is late because somebody blew up his car. This became a running gag in the series since, in Apocalypse Weekend, Vince Desi tells the Postal Dude he would have given him a ride to the city but somebody had blown up his car as well.
  • Some book Protestors can be seen asking for signatures on Gary Coleman's book, this might be a bug in what NPCs can get signatures or intended as a sign of hypocrisy.
  • Ironically by burning books, more trees must be cut down to replace the burnt books.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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