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This article is about the Paradise Lost incarnation. For other versions, see: Katana

The Bitch's Katana is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


It is most similar to the unobtainable katana introduced in Eternal Damnation. One can only obtain this weapon from defeating The Bitch in combat, or by finding it inside the Junkyard from Thursday onward.

There may be a Bitch's Katana in the water around the Robotics Factory that is stuck through a skeleton before Thursday.

In the Enhanced gamemode of POSTAL 2, it can be purchased for $2,500 at the ATF R US vending machine.


  • The katana occupys the same weapons slot as the Hammer, meaning if the player obtains the hammer after the katana, the katana will be unavailable for the rest of the game and vice versa.