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The Beta Shotgun (also known as the Shotgun...? and Original Shotgun) is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


It behaves similarly to the regular shotgun, but fires more pellets per shot, causing it to deal more damage and also allowing it to be more effective even at long range. However, it requires reloading after every six shots. It's quite powerful, and can kill a police officer with a single close-range headshot.

The weapon's secondary fire in POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost fires two shells instead of one, and reloads with the Reload (Mod Weapons) button.


Eternal Damnation[]

  • Only in Newlow.
    • After exiting the sewers, an electrical pole will fall on a woman and the beta shotgun lies on top of the transformer.
    • Inside the overturned trailer truck, right after the pole falls on the woman.
    • 2 boxes of "Original Shotgun" cartridges are inside the fire department. They simply reuse the shotgun shell box from Postal 2.

Steam Port[]

  • Inside of a room in one of the apartments nearby Lorie's Apartment. Look for am empty room with bookshelves obscuring most of the room. Go behind the book shelf and a hospital sink with some dismembered guts will be there. The beta shotgun lies right next to it.
  • In the Hasselridge suburbs, go to the back of the Sexxoco and you will find a beta shotgun.
  • After the swimming portion of the Sewers, a beta shotgun lies on the left concrete ledge across from a USAS12, both being behind a pillar. It can be reached by jumping onto a pipe that connects both ledges.
  • Like the original, there are 2 in Newlow along with some cartridges.
  • Inside the secret Subway Station area that leads from the vent on the other side of the flooded bathroom. 2 shell boxes are there as well.
  • In the Hasselridge Mall's loading bay, there are a pile of crates in the middle of some giant warehouse racks. jump over the boxes and a beta shotgun lies there as well.

Postal 2 (Complete)[]

  • In the Trainyard Area outside the Paradise Mall, you must parkour onto the roof of the warehouse patrolled by police where there are many trailers located at. Get onto the roof, then do one more bit of parkour to land in the "middle part" of the roof. The Beta Shotgun is there along with a box of shell cartridges that increase later through the week.
  • When leaving the Brewery after fighting off all the Rednecks, the Beta Shotgun is located near the door.
    • only if the Player had it in their inventory before being kidnapped.

Apocalypse Weekend (P2 Complete)[]

  • Inside the sewer checkpoint during the Hospital sewers Segment. It is found on some rocks along with the Cow Head and a Dervish Cat.
    • only if the player is playing AWP and had it in their inventory on Friday.
  • Somewhere in the mountains during the zombie invasion of Vince's House.
  • In an opened ventilation duct inside of the Military Base, along with a Health Pipe surrounded by bongs and bottles of malt liquor.
  • In the office area where the player recovers most of his weapons after escaping the Military Base with the nuke.

Paradise Lost[]

  • On Monday, at CCCP, climb inside of a vent. follow it until you reach the exit where you have to jump over trailers. Enter another vent until you fall into a "storage room" in which you follow the path until it leads you to the Velociraptor cages. Defeat them and you will find the Beta Shotgun in a cage in the far left corner of the lower cages.
  • On Wednesday, head near the barn on the same ground level as you start, containing some diseased cows, and go to the left, where a rock sits next to a hill. Jump onto rock, then the hill, and a Beta Shotgun sits there.
  • On Thursday, after getting robbed by the Bandits, the Beta shotgun sits on the stage to the left where Two-Ears minigun sits.
    • Only if the player had it before getting robbed.
  • On Friday, during the Prune Herbs task, you have to get to the stairwell where an ATF sniper was situated at during the cult siege of 2003. Go down the stairs, and look below it, and the Beta Shotgun is located there.
  • During Zack Ward's Friday boss fight, get on the stage and head left.


  • This gun is the original version of the shotgun from the alpha version of the game.
  • The weapon is modelled after the Franchi SPAS-12 but with a brown pump handle.
  • Whenever the Dude or John reloads the weapon, he will attempt to shove a handful of shells into the ejection slot. Only one will enter the gun however.
  • This weapon isn't received if the player uses the "Give All Weapons" cheat, unless the player has gotten it before.
  • Prior to the 20th anniversary update, the first-person view arms holding the Beta Shotgun in POSTAL 2 Complete were not the Postal Dude's, but John Murray's, and would not change if the Postal Dude donned the Gimp Suit or Police Uniform. This was the only weapon ported from Eternal Damnation to have this issue.
    • The hands used on the first-person view after the update are the hands of the Postal Dude while the game was still in development.
    • Also prior to this update, manually reloading the Beta Shotgun was triggered by pressing the secondary fire key.
  • The variant of the Beta Shotgun in Eternal Damnation has an explosive secondary fire attack which is very powerful, being able to kill John at full health in one shot if fired too close to himself. The explosion visually appears just like that from the Grenade Launcher in the same game. Likely for balancing, this feature was replaced in POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost with the ability to manually reload the shotgun up until the 20th anniversary update, which was released in 2019.