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The Bean Bag Gun is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


It is a rotating cannon that uses compressed air to fire lead-filled bean bags at enemies, knocking them unconscious for a few dozen seconds, after which they will recover. It has a relatively low rate of fire, but deals good (but non-lethal) damage, capable of knocking out civilians with one shot and most enemies with just two to three shots. Both the Bean Bag Gun and the ammo for it are very rare to find around the town, but can be purchased at the weapon vending machines. It is one of the game's only three non-lethal weapons, the others being the Shocker and the Flash Grenade.


  • If used on burnt victims and people shot with the hunting rifle, the beanbags can bring them out of their crawling state and return them to regular functioning.
  • In the code, there is a "Beanbag Explosion" type which would have done electrical damage similar to the Shocker.