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The Bali is a weapon in POSTAL 2.


The Bali can be found all around Paradise, and a few places in Hasselridge, such as inside the "employees only" room in the Emporium of the Local Health Pipe Distributor, located near Dude's Camping Van. Using the alt-fire will only result in another attack, with no difference from using the primary fire.

Similar to weapons like the ScytheMachete, and Sledgehammer, the Bali carries on a unique ability. When used to attack an NPC's head, the victim has a chance to start bleeding. After some seconds of bleeding, the victim will collapse onto the ground. Civilians carry a high chance to bleed, and the tougher the victim is in the game, such as the Police or the National Guard, the lower the bleeding chance. The Bali also holds another secret power: most enemies can be killed instantly by the Bali by stabbing them from behind.


  • Upon hitting a breakable object with the bali, the bali will be bloodied up, similar to hitting a person. Same applies for the Hedge Clippers and the Axe.


  • The Bali is a Benchmade brand balisong judging by the logo on the blade.
  • The Bali's ability to kill on a backstab is a reference to the Spy from Team Fortress 2, who has a similar knife and backstab ability.
  • Originally, the Bali was capable of causing decapitation, but this was coded out.