"Fast Food is the most effective food item for restoring lost life, but may result in increased risk of heart disease later in life." — The bag of fast food's description in the manual

A Bag of fast food is a food item in Postal 2 and its expansion, Apocalypse Weekend. It is one of the most

A Bag of fast food

popular food items in both games, being found and sold in multiple places. It is recommended to collect a lot of these at the start of each day for emergency purposes (Eg: At Paradise Mall Food Court). When eaten, the food bag heals 10 hitpoints. And the hitpoints restored is halved if the fast food is pissed on before consumption.


  • Coronary refers to the Coronary disease which is a very serious heart disease, leading to cardiac arrest. The food items name and logo is poking fun at this, and also refers to the fact that the burger can easily cause the disease due to its high fat levels.
  • There's a unique version of this item resembling a chinese food box inside the Police Station, next to the police chief's office.
  • During the Halloween event Trick or Treat bags can be picked up from the porches.