An ATF Agent.

The ATF is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of the United States. The ATF runs a weapon store in the Paradise Mall named ATF 'r Us. The ATF strikes until Friday, but agents can be seen during the whole week in ATF 'r Us, and in a house next to the Emporium of the Local Health Pipe Distributor at Home.

The ATF battles against Uncle Dave's religious cult at the Compound siege on Friday. The ATF orders the zealots to stay inside the compound and to douse themselves with something flammable. However, Uncle Dave refuses to give up and a female zealot begins shooting. The ATF commander then orders his men to secure the area and comb the perimeter.

After the Postal Dude gives Uncle Dave his Birthday Gift, the ATF breaks into the compound and begins a gun battle against Uncle Dave's cult. The Postal Dude is forced to fight the ATF agents on his way out of the compound, but more agents are waiting outside the building, on the way to the Trainyard Area. The ATF commander appears last with a Rocket Launcher to confront the Postal Dude himself.


  • One of the signs outside the compound reads "ATF we fucked your wives".
  • Despite being a small law enforcement in Postal 2, they seem to be heavily organized, having numerous APCs and Tanks.


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